innovate on a platform that easily scales & reduces system integration time



Connect your legacy and new systems into one open-standard API interface. Worker and asset locations, production metrics, work orders, schedules, and sensor readings all in one place.



See your most important metrics against your plan in an intuitive 3D map of your operation. Watch events unfold and see how different actions impact your KPIs.



Automated or manual communication and control in real time. Pre-program triggers.  Transition seamlessly to an automated future with an integrated system.



Keep A Visual Historic Record

Rewind and Replay any event in your operation.

  • Optimize your operations faster with a tool that shortens retrospective analysis time
  • Improve cross-departmental collaboration with playbacks that everyone can understand
  • Accelerate ramp-up to peak production


Get the Keys to Your Data

With ConnectedWorker.IO

  • Simplified System Integration with Generic Gateways
  • Easily Script Your Own Business Logic with JavaScript
  • AI Neural Network Support - Plug-in Your Artificial Intelligence Models

Navigate Your Innovation Roadmap


All our software is designed to be easily configured for your operations while also letting you pilot new technologies easily and without jeopardizing production. Make the most of your legacy systems while at the same time becoming hardware agnostic and future proof.



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